30.06 Rifle Shooting & Reloading

3D Archery

Adobe Brick Making

Advanced Rock Climbing & Rappelling

Animal Care


Archery – 3 Dimensional

Assaying & Mining History


Atlatl (Dart Throwing)

Atlatl Darts

Awards Campfire

Baldy Mountain Hike



Burro Packing

Cabin Tour

Cabin/Lodge Tour



Cantina Show

Challenge Events

Chuckwagon Dinner

Circle Ride

Climb Big Red

Climb Comanche Peak

Climb Comanche Peak and Mount Phillips

Climb Hart Peak

Climb Little Costilla

Climb Mt. Phillips via the new Order of the Arrow trail

Climb Shaefers Peak

Climb Shaeffers Peak

Climb Tooth of Time

Climbing Wall

Closing Campfire


Company Meeting Campfire

Conservation Project

Conservation Project (Riding Corridor Brush Work)

Continental Tie & Lumber Co

Cowboy Action Shooting

Crate Stacking

Crosscut Saw and Log Hueing

Dean Skyline Hike

Demonstration Forest

Drop off Burros

Dutch Oven Cooking


Fly Fishing

Fly Tying

Forestry Training

Fur Trapper Rendezvous

Geology Education

Ghost Stories

Gold Mining & Panning

Gold Mining History

Gold Panning


Hidden Valley

High Ropes & Climbing Tower

High Ropes & COPE Events

Hike Baldy Mountain

Hike Fowler Pass and Webster Pass

Hike in via Tooth Ridge

Hike into Base Camp via Tooth Ridge Trail

Hike North Fork Urraca

Hike to Chase Ranch Trailhead

Hike to Lovers Leap Trailhead

Hike to Maxwell Trailhead

Hike to Ponil Trailhead

Hike to Six Mile Gate Trailhead

Hike to Tolby Trailhead

Hike to Trailhead

Hike to Turkey Creek Trailhead

Hike to Ute Park Trailhead

Hike to Webster Trailhead

Hike to Zastrow Trailhead

Hike Trail Peak

Hike Wilson Mesa

Historic Baldy Town

Historic Chase Ranch


Horse Rides

Hunter Safety

Inspiration Point Hike

Jicarilla Apache Life

Kit Carson

Laser Shot Shooting Range

Leave No Trace Trail Camp

Logging Skills


Low Impact Camping

Main House Tour

Mexican Dinner

Mine Tour

Mountain Biking

Mountain Man Rendezvous

Muzzle Loading Black Powder Rifle

Muzzle Loading Rifles

New Mexican Homestead

Opening Campfire

Petroglyph Tour

Pick up Burros

Post Civil War Encampment

Prep for Ute Park Pass hike


Ranger Training

Rayado Lodge History

Rayado Lodge Tour

Rayado Rancho

Ride over Shaeffers Pass

Rock Climbing & Rappeling

Rock Climbing or Climbing Gym

Rocky Mountain Fur Co.

Search & Rescue/Wilderness Medicine

Shotgun Shooting/Reloading .30-06

Shotgun Shooting/Reloading 12 Gauge

Side Hike Black Mountain Camp

Side hike Mt Phillips

Side hike to Cito Reservoir and Cathedral Rock

Side Hike to Indian Writings

Side hike Tooth of Time

Spar Pole Climbing

Sporting Arrows

Sunrise Hike

T-Rex Track

Tie Making

Tie Making & Crosscut Saws


Trading Post

Trail Camp

Trapper Cabin

Traverse Wall

Valle Vidal Hiking

Visiting Forester


Western Lore & Branding

Western Lore/Branding

Wildlife Conservation

Wrangler Training