Available at: Indian Writings

The Ponil region in the northern area boasts a rich prehistoric heritage of Native American cultures. Your team has the opportunity to contribute to the reconstruction of Philmont’s history by engaging in this captivating program and gaining insights into the tribes that once inhabited this territory.

A knowledgeable archaeologist and the camp staff will guide and oversee activities in the North Ponil Canyon at Indian Writings camp. These activities might involve assisting in excavations or preparing specimens and artifacts.

It’s important to note: while hiking the trails, you can support the archaeology program by staying observant. You might stumble upon an artifact that could lead to significant discoveries. Philmont’s ancient treasures rightfully belong to Philmont and hold the most value when left undisturbed where they are found. This way, others can also benefit from your discovery. Any findings should be reported to one of the staff archaeologists at Indian Writings, the National Scouting Museum, or Camping Headquarters.