Demonstration Forest

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Nestled amidst the picturesque landscape stretching between Hunting Lodge and Clarks Fork, in close proximity to the tranquil Cito Reservoir, lies a meticulously crafted Demonstration Forest, proudly established with the generous support of the esteemed American Tree Farm Organization. It’s an opportunity not to be missed for your crew to delve into the intricate world of forestry and explore the diverse range of forest management practices implemented at Philmont.

Take the time to immerse yourselves in the educational offerings presented within this forest enclave, where you can gain valuable insights into sustainable forestry techniques and the vital role forests play in ecological balance. A distinguished Forester will be on hand to engage with visiting crews, offering expert guidance and enriching discussions aimed at deepening your understanding of forestry principles.

So, as you traverse the verdant trails of Philmont, don’t forget to carve out a moment to wander through this captivating Demonstration Forest, where the whispers of the trees tell tales of conservation, stewardship, and the enduring beauty of nature’s bounty.