Burro Packing

Available at: Miranda, Ponil

The burro stands out as a quintessential symbol of the vibrant history of the Southwest. Techniques for packing with burros are taught and demonstrated at Ponil and Miranda. Your camping gear and provisions can be loaded onto burros using a diamond hitch. Burros are available for trekking in the northern area of the ranch, with trails starting or ending at Ponil and Miranda. Burro traps, which serve as holding pens for overnight stops, are situated at Ponil, Pueblano, Miranda, Elkhorn, Flume Canyon, Head of Dean, and Baldy Skyline, along with hay provided for feeding. If your journey involves utilizing burros for packing, seize the chance to experience this traditional method, reminiscent of the miners’ practices. All crews on a Burro Itinerary are required to utilize burros.