Ute Gulch Staffed Camp

Philmont Region: Central

Campsites: 0

Camp Status: Decommissioned

Elevation: 7890ft

UTM Coordinates: 13N 494655E 4041219N

Resources: Commissary, Trading Post

Program: None

Itineraries Camping Here: None

Nearby Camps: Ute Springs, Aspen Springs, Cimarroncito, Devils Wash Basin, Deer Lake Mesa, Lower Sawmill

Nearby Programs: Rock Climbing & Rappeling @ Cimarroncito

Interesting Things Around: This feature is coming soon.

If you are passing through Philmont’s central country you will probably resupply here. Ute Gulch does not offer any program other than resupply. It’s a quick jump off the trail and about an hour hike to and from Cimarroncito. There’s not much to do other than enjoy the shade and buy some candies at the Trading Post.