Rayado Staffed Camp

Philmont Region: South

Campsites: 0

Camp Status: In Use

Elevation: 6527ft

UTM Coordinates: 13N 506199E 4024656N

Resources: None

Program: Kit Carson, Rayado Rancho

Itineraries Camping Here: None

Nearby Camps: Olympia

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Interesting Things Around: This feature is coming soon.

Founded in 1848 by Lucian Maxwell, the Rayado Settlement was the first permanent settlement in Colfax County, New Mexico. It was the first plains settlement in New Mexico. Rayado had a tough time attracting settlers because the local Native Americans (Apache and Comanche) were known to raid settlers. Lucian Maxwell was able to convince Kit Carson to move from Taos in 1849. As an American hero of the time, Kit Carson’s presence lent to the safety of Rayado.