Beaubien Staffed Camp

Philmont Region: SouthCampsites: 33Camp Status: In UseElevation: 9349ftUTM Coordinates: 13N 490750E 4030938NResources: ShowersProgram: Campfire, Chuckwagon Dinner, Horse RidesItineraries Camping Here: 12-01, 12-04, 12-06, 12-07, 12-08, 12-11, 12-12, 12-13, 12-14, 12-29, 1A-S, 1B-S, 2A-S, 2B-S, 3A-S, 3B-S, 4A-S, 5A-S, 6A-S, 6A-S, 6B-S, 6B-S, 7-14, 7-16, 7-7, 7-8, 9-11, 9-12, 9-13, 9-3Nearby Camps: This feature is coming soon.Nearby Programs: This feature is coming soon.Interesting Things Around: This feature is coming soon.

Beaubien is the largest camp at Philmont. It used to be one of the three main base camps of Philmont. When you are here you will see a beautiful meadow always filled with wildlife.